Sunday, January 21, 2007

TLC Weekend

Being sick is no fun, as I am sure everyone knows... but nothing makes a weekend on the couch more enjoyable then the television network TLC (The Learning Channel).

Friday afternoon I was pretty much a write-off... sleeping and spending a precious amount of time near the my friend the toliet bowl. However, Friday evening I seemed to be more awake and coherent... so nothing to put the evening in like a few episodes of What Not to Wear (fashion experts Stacey & Clinton find a person in desperate need of fashion help, give them $5000 and trip to New York to buy a new wardrobe, with hard-hitting fashion advice).

Then Saturday rolled around... and while I couldn't bring myself to get out bed for the most part, I spent the entire day watching more TLC. The day started with consecutive episodes of Clean Sweep... (I absolutely love this show... it declutters everything and everyone by bringing in a team of experts to organize your mess). Then... around noon I think I moved onto Trading Spaces (another good one... one couple works with an expert designer to makeover a room for their neighbours, while their neighbours do the same for them) ... love it love it love it.

The late afternoon was all about Moving Up & Property Ladder... and finally it was an evening filled with Flip That House (all these shows are renovation shows... that take old, rundown homes... where someone buys them for a relatively low cost, throws in a bit of money for renovations and usually sells them for double or triple their money)... its down right ridiculious but inspiring at the same time and addictive to say the least.

This morning, while I was feeling much better... I got into While You Were Out & Take Home Chef. Take Home Chef made me hungry for the first time in 3 days, which meant I was feeling better, so this inspired me to take a shower, make something to eat, and post an entry!

TLC... simply fabulous... you don't mind being sick with a channel like this!

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