Monday, January 08, 2007

My Ambitions for 2007

Every New Year, I go through the same list of ambitions... I constantly think about things I want to accomplish before the end of the year... and everyday in January the list grows longer and longer.

Half my problem is that my so-called list, is a mental list... so for the first few weeks of January it seems to grow, but once I hit February it gets down to manageable size because I tend forget the grand majority of my fresh ambitions!

So here I am ... the 8th of January and I've done the little things... such as: clean out my cosmetic drawer.

This task may not seem so rewarding, but for the girl who has carted around two boxes full of slightly used make up from her university days... the two grocery bags that I threw in the garbage this weekend were definitely a huge weight lifted off my shoulders.

I have been wanting to sort my make-up for about a year now, but just never do it. I had a ton of bronzing powder, bad coloured foundation, blush, eye shadow, nail polish, etc. that has been clogging up the main artery in my cosmetic bag for quite sometime now. Every time I would think about throwing something out, I would say to myself: I might use that colour again... if I was wearing bright yellow and purple at the same time (ya never know what I might need around Halloween time).

At any rate
(enough rambling)... the task took about an hour, and was well worth my time. It is definitely something I wanted to do before the year was out (although I did have this on my mental this last year, but we won't go there... everyone who knows me knows I am a procrastinator!).

As well I managed to get around to organizing my tupperware drawer this weekend. What an out-of-control mess it was... but thanks to my Mom who bought me the stackable storage tupperware
(you know the three different size containers, one size lid fits all kind)... things are very well organized (Martha would be so proud of me)!

Now I have moved onto some of the bigger ambitions on my list... such as painting a second bedroom in the house... oh the stress involved in choosing paint colours. I can see why interior designers make so much money
(they are paid to make the hard decorating decisions for you)! The thing about paint is that you never know if its going to look good until its on the wall... and I think this is where my fears come in - however I want to tackle this soon... good colour or bad, it will be done.

Another thing I would like to do is come up with some super-dooper filing system for my bills and records... every year at this time, I try to think of ways to improve the current system, but then time expires when I have a stack of papers staring me in the face and I end up going back to the same old system. However, this year, before the month is out, I want come up with a new and improved system
(any ideas?).

Other things on my mental list include starting to finish the basement... I wish I was more handy, such as someone who could install drywall, do some electrical work, plumbing, etc. - with skills like that there is no telling what this place would look like in a few months. PC has the skills, and the resources to do the work, but during hockey season, I am lucky if he cleans the bathroom, let alone even thinks about finishing an entire basement - but once May comes around, all the those tools he had to have will come in darn handy
(or so I like to think)!

And top things off, I would like to start planning a trip to Europe... hopefully for 2008! This one is a long shot... but I figure if we don't do it now, then the probability of having kids after 2008 will increase (settle down Mom C!), and once the kidlets come along we'll be screwed have less time on our hands! As I said, this is definitely a long-shot... but hey... a girl can dream!

So there you have it, a temporary
(very temporary) list of 2007 ambitions. I have come to realize that most of my ambitions require two things in order to be accomplished: TIME and MONEY.

If only these were two resources available to everyone.... wouldn't the world be a happier place!

I'll work on finding some TIME and I will hope that the MONEY part finds me!