Saturday, December 30, 2006

Christmas Tour

Today's post hails from Thessalon, Ontario... home of ... ahhh... not much (but that's besides the point)!
PC and I arrived here on the evening of the 27th and we have been on the go since the minute we walked through the door!
The 28th became Christmas morning/day with my immediate family. As usual Connie and Timbo outdid themselves.... there was rumour that they were cutting back due to a small fixed income issue, but apparently that didn't happen!
Here is a copy of our family picture from 2006!

PC and I got ipod's for Christmas... quite exciting! We almost sold them out front of Future Shop in Sault Ste. Marie as there appears be a shortage of them in the North! But decided they were too good to pass up... and kept them for ourselves!
Friday night, the 29th, PC did the Greyhounds game... so we took in that spectacle.
The Hounds lost 7-2... not a very good game, but we got to see the new Steelback Centre... a really nice facility... and of course there were a few fights throughout the game... (one I managed to capture on tape and hope to get up on the blog soon... once video streaming functions properly in the NORTH!!! Stay tuned)!

Now we have managed to make it back to Thessalon today on the 30th... and we will prepare for the New Year's Eve tomorrow... an end to a rather exhausting year!

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