Thursday, January 04, 2007

In the dark!

It seems to be increasingly harder to get out of bed in the morning.

This morning when the alarm went off, I had to go to two different rooms to check the clocks because I didn't believe it was 6:30AM ... it was pitch black outside. I even peeked out the window to see if the neighbours we up and at 'em already, and much to my misfortune... they we're.

Honestly... how can we as human beings be expected to function if we are asked to do everything in the dark?

I really hate this time of the year... you go to work in the dark and you come home in the dark. Since there are hardly any windows where I am, I don't see much daylight between 9 & 5... and its depressing.

I am not sure who I should be talking to about this, but if that person is listening right now, I am presenting a motion to shorten working hours during the (so-called) winter months. The less time I have to spend dragging my butt out of bed in the dark, the more happy I will be at the office/school, which inturn means more production for you upper management. (I believe some guy named Elton Mayo came up with this theory many years ago... but its a keeper)!

Its a win-win situation for everyone involved! Of course I will still need to be paid 37.5 hours a week, but I am willing to bet I can do more between 10 & 3:30, then I would ever do between 8:30 & 4:30! Perhaps I should give it a try, and if its a success for me, we could implement it nation wide!

No worries higher management... really... I don't mind being test bunny on this one - I'll take one for the team, no problem!