Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Only a day late!

So... the white Christmas I was dreaming of finally arrived... only a day late, but I guess I can't complain... except for the fact that we have an 8 hour drive North to make tomorrow!

Christmas day was enjoyable... we stayed at the in-laws all day long and opened too many gifts, ate too much food, and did a whole lot of lounging around... !! Santa was good to both PC and I... although I don't have time today to recount all of the loot... I will hopefully get to some more blogging in a few days!

My uncle Rick turns 60 today... so here is wishing him many more profitable years! The Bellerose gang will gather for our annual boxing day celebration... PC and I will have to be there in spirit!
Here a few pics of the snow we got overnight... enjoy!

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