Sunday, January 07, 2007

First order of business of the New Year!

Take Down & Put Away Christmas Decorations: รพ (check)

What a job... I dreaded doing it for a 4 days, but finally I got around to it Friday night. Yesterday was spent doing last minute touch ups for normal everyday life... and trying to find a few everyday items that I put in that special spot for storing over Christmas.... I am sure I will come across them eventually (I am sooo my mother's daughter)!

Now I sit back and look around at the place and it looks a bit empty, like it needs something... but I dunno what! I think this is where husbands start to hate their wives... when 2 months ago, the place was completely FINE the way it was with the same decorating style & furniture, but now... miraculously it NEEDS SOMETHING!

I have had the urge to paint another bedroom for a while, I have a few paint chips on the wall... and soon, very soon, I will choose the perfect colours, but until then I like to sit back and stare at the rest of the place, dreaming of what I would loooooooove to do to my house (as the list is very long)!

Does anyone else get like this after Christmas?
Why must we women want to change our houses all the time?