Sunday, December 31, 2006

Good night Irene: soooo long 2006!

Here we are... finally the last day of 2006, and let me tell you, I am looking forward to putting this year to bed.

Honestly... 2005 was the best year of my life, so I should have known that 2006 would never be able to top 2005, but I thought it could have at least came close... or at least tried to come close.

The entire French nightmare really put a damper on the year... I wasn't looking forward to 2006 in the first place, and I didn't get any pleasant surprises along the way either. French was draining, it consumed and continues to consume my life... leaving me miserable at the end of each day, but the end is near!

Along with French came the demise of my curling team, another reason to kiss 2006 goodbye and turn over a new leaf for 2007.

I guess there were no real highs this year... but at the end of another year I can still be thankful for PC, our families, our friends, our health, and most all our happiness.

Although 2006 was a downer... I am looking forward to 2007... my one resolution is starting talking nicer to PC... which will mean not using the frequent phrases of 2006, such as: shut your mouth, you shut up, yeah right loser, I doubt it, and other phrases that include my mother's favourite word: F&#@!!!

So... goodnight 2006, and here is looking forward to 2007 and all it has to offer us!!