Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Simply the best!

Happy New Year... I have been a little slow out of the gates this New Year... we spent most of the day in the car New Year's day... and yesterday was pretty much a write-off... getting myself organized to take-on 2007!

But today I'm back... and last night I couldn't help but be moved while watching Stevie Y's no. 19 be retired at Joe Louis Arena in Detroit. What an accomplishment for the Ottawa native!

I can't possibly imagine what it would be like to have a career as successful as his... but when Tina Turner's: Simply the Best started playing, I had tears in my eyes! That song really sums up his career.

What really got me was the fact that even after all that he has accomplished in his lifetime he is still a very humble man. He couldn't possibly thank enough people last night for all of his success. And still... he thinks he has been made out to be a bigger celebrity than he really is! Amazing!

Through his words I could see that he was and still is a great leader, a role model, and a very down to earth person that so many players and fans can relate to! He deserves all the recognition he has received thus far... and retiring his number is only a small piece of recognition for such a decorated career!

Way to go Stevie Y!

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