Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The cough!

I have had this annoying little cough since Sunday, and it won't seem to go away. Over the last two days it has gotten worse.

Yesterday I went to school and I am pretty sure I annoyed my entire class with the cough, as I was interupting every conversation when I would gasp for air before coughing up a present for the entire class to see - yum yum!

The teacher and I had a one-on-one interview, which usually takes place in a closed room, but 2 minutes into the interview, she politely asked me if I minded if she opened door while we continued the interview. I had no objections, but I knew she was clearly thinking: I hope whatever this girl has, its not contagious.

I have spent the last two nights sleeping in the spare room and in an effort to prevent the king (PC) from contracting the cough. This morning I woke up in my own little world could barely breathe. I figured it was best to stay away from school and avoid transmitting my disease any further than the comfort of my own home (although now that I think about it, the cough could have spread to the entire school, become a full fledge epidemic, and school could be shut down for good... but at 6am I never let my thoughts get that far... !).

So... there I was choking on my own phlegm, and trying to decide the best course of action. I immediately reached for the Vicks rub, and that did the trick to get me breathing and back to sleep until noon. PC was working for home, so when I awoke I went down to his office to complain, to which he told me to take some medicine.

I decided to take 2 Tylenol cough tablets which I figured was a reasonable effort to remedy myself, but out of no where PC appeared with a tablespoon in one hand and some Beneloyn cough SYRUP in the other.

I hate cough syrup, even as a kid I was not a fan. I don't care what damn flavour they make it, it all tastes like C.R.A.P.

But PC forced me to take it, and I practically threw a tantrum on the couch, screaming:
PLEASE don't make me take it.
I hate that stuff.

To which he replied:
Oh... close your eyes then.
As he jammed the spoon in my mouth.

I was horrified, my mother would have at least heard my argument, and put the spoon down for a bit, before trying three & four times later, but not PC, I think he knew he only had one chance!

To my dismay, the cough syrup worked (although I won't be offering PC any credit for my miraculous recovery), it got me through the day, and although it tasted like crap, it was effective.

It has started to wear off, and I am ready for bed now, so here comes the part I hate. I have to go down stairs, ask PC where he put the cough syrup, and then take another spoon full in front of him... to which he will say: See... I told you it would work.

Damn it!
Its one thing to be sick, but to sick and wrong... I don't know if I can handle it.