Thursday, November 23, 2006

Quebec as a nation... give your head a shake Steve!

What do Quebeckers and women have in common?
No matter what you do you will never please them!

Good old Stevie came up with the brainwave that in order to muzzle Quebec we shall indentify Quebec as a nation, within a united nation and this shall silence the argument that Quebeckers aren't consider equals in this country.

Bravo Stevie, Bravo.

Its no secret that I do not have background in politics, but I guess this is why I find this so amusing... even the least in-tune political person in this country can figure out that identifying Quebec a nation, within a nation, accomplishes nothing for this country.

Quebeckers will never change. They will always pose the threat of seperation, they will always want to have their own revenue system, their own laws, their own culture, and we, as the rest of the Canada, won't be able to do anything about it but sit back and let it happen, nation or no nation.

Even if we go as far to debate this, decide to agree that it should be its own nation within a nation, draw up the papers to say its a nation, and spend millions of dollars coming up with a new nation logo, and a framework for the nation to exist within a nation - at the end of the day you must ask yourself, what have we accomplished?

RIEN. Nothing. Nada.

Don't get me wrong, there are Quebeckers out there that I love and adore dearly, but in all seriousness, when these Quebeckers unite together with their pro-french attitudes they are hard bunch to please.

If you ask me, the only thing this idea of Mr. Harper's has done is create more discussion on Quebeckers and the importance (or unimportance) of Quebec in this country, and if our members of parliament really waste their time debating this issue for more than a day... I hope they are willing to offer the sane citizens of this country a 'its a load of crap' or a 'I told you so' tax-credit when this is all said and done! I will be at the top of the list for either of those reimbursements!

Of course this just my opinion. Perhaps you have your own views on this issue.. feel free to share your thoughts on the subject!