Wednesday, November 15, 2006

For once Mrs. Claus is behind!

Tonight after getting home from school I jumped on the computer and MSN'd (if that's a word) my parents. They responsed to my request for a video conference via web cam and once connected we got chatting about Christmas.

Turns outs Mrs. Santa Claus (who is mainly responsible for the Christmas shopping in the Mr. & Mrs. Bellerose household) is a little behind on her christmas shopping.

Well... I know if she is reading this she is thinking (I am not), but during the video conversation Mrs. Claus informs me that after carefully investigating the items (the big items) for two of her main gift receivers (not me THANK GOD), she isn't able to purchase the item they had on their lists.

As I glance at the calendar, it reads November 15th, 2006.... yes that's right the 15th of November and Mrs. Claus is scrambling.

Now to many (like me) you are probably thinking, scrambling? what? there is lots of time, a month and 10 days before its absolutely necessary to have gifts under the tree. But for Mrs. Claus-Bellerose, we have just enter panic territory!

In my opinion my mother prides herself in having the majority of her shopping finished by the 1st of December, so seeing as its the 15th of November and her list for two people has practically evaporated, I expect it to be tough times ahead for Mr. Claus-Bellerose, unless he has a back-up plan.

Somebody better come up with some ideas, and fast, or Christmas at Bellerose household could be ruined forever.

Stay tuned... this would be a first if Christmas was ruined, but at the very least, I predict that although Mrs. Claus said and I quote: (Wayner & Deb: no laughing!) 'this year we are cutting back', she may purchase a few more panic gifts, in the event that she can't come up with THE GIFT for two members of the family (thank god Timbo and I are in the clear... I THINK!!).