Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Getting caught up: Part I

Wow... it feels like I have been crazy busy lately... with vacation, and P's birthday yesterday, I have hardly had anytime to devote to this blog. These days blog seems more like a job than a hobby to me (but don't take that personally).

I have been meaning to update you with a few events that have been captured on camera the last few weeks. Once I get these photos out of the way I can get back to my regular ranting (bitching) on everyday life... but today's post will consist mostly of photos.

Our first photo montage comes from the wedding P and I attended on July 8th... the wedding of James Rolland & Stacey Benton (who are currently in Europe on their honeymoon and I am crazy jealous).

Minus the heat during the day, it was a very lovely wedding... with lots of extra details that I just love about weddings. The bride wore a beautiful dress (as you can see), and the bridemaids looked very elegant in their pale yellow dresses. The groom and groomsmen were sweatin it out in black (Johnny Cash style) ... but it was a nice accent to the girl's dresses. Anyways... enough of my Martha Stewart details... here are the photos!