Monday, July 17, 2006


Hello faithful readers.... I am back... back from vacation, and grumpy as hell. After spending a fantastic week at the cottage, I had to rise and shine early this morning to come back to FRENCH.

I left on vacation thinking French wasn't soooo bad, but after spending my days in the hot sun, taking a dip in the lake to cool off, reading a bit, having the odd nap, and just relaxing all week long, I have come to realize this morning that I am back to hating French. I know it will pass as soon as I get the 'I want to be at the cottage' notion out of my head, but for today I will continue to be miserable!!

Since I know your all dying to know what I was upto all week long, I don't really have a lot to report, but hopefully tonight, I will be able to post some pictures. Last Saturday we attended our last wedding of the summer, and it was a good time. It was hotter than Haiti for the ceremony, but some ice cold drinks fixed the problem in no time. P had a rye and coke for everyone in the building, so he was in fine form all evening long, and again the next morning, hence the reason we didn't leave for the cottage until 7pm the next night... ahhhh, oh how I love the man I married (most days!).

I will have to cut this post short to get back to my prison cell (a.k.a French class), but tune in tomorrow and hopefully I will have some pictures up from vacation for your viewing pleasure!