Tuesday, July 18, 2006

PC turns the big 2-8 today!

Today, P celebrates the big 2-8. I couldn't let his birthday pass without making some recognition, so we had a few guests over this evening to help him celebrate the lovely occasion!

There is not much to say... it was a typical birthday party, good friends, food, lots of laughs, and of course a little bit of drinking! Thank god it was a Tuesday and not a Saturday night, as I know my wine was going down a little too well!

Since P rarely reads this blog.... I don't need to go the extra mile with my normal mushy stuff, but of course he is the love of my life.... and without him this blog would be far less interesting... so having said that... I want to send him lots of love on this special day, and thank him for all the happiness he brings to my life (most days)! As the card I gave him said:

(on the outside)
Happy Birthday to my husband the pro-golfer ...
(on the inside)
Love your wife the super-model!

Fitting... I thought!

Here are a few pictures from the festivites!
Happy Birthday P!