Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Getting caught up: Part II

The second photo montage comes from our weeks' vacation at the cottage in Parry Sound. It was 30 plus everyday and my days consisted mostly of sleeping in, laying on the dock tanning, sipping some Rum Punch, taking a dip in the lake, tanning some more, and reading a good book. I did that everyday that I was there... and it was just as if I was away on a cruise ship!

My parents joined us for a few days... and we had a good visit. The cottage received a new 14 ft. patio door/window combo while they were there... but it made the view from the cottage to the lake that much more enjoyable. P and my Dad (Timbo) did a little 4 hour kayaking adventure around Rose Island (I was surprised when they both woke up breathing the next day!), and Mom and I caught up on all the Thessalon/Embrun news while sitting down at the water all day.

Here are a few pics from the week.... enjoy!