Saturday, July 08, 2006

Great Big Sea

Last night to kick off a busy weekend, P and I headed to down to Bluesfest to see GBS (Great Big Sea).

It was a great concert and of course they didn't disappoint, playing all the classics! We (as in P, my friend Roz and I followed) forced our way upto the front of the stage to take in the show, and it was well worth the pushing! I think we pissed off a few people in our travels, trying to navigate our way forward with a few beers in hand (we got a few nasty remarks from a couple diehard GBS fans who were in their 60s -- relax people... its an outdoor concert, what did you expect?).

The best thing I did yesterday was put in my contacts and take the camera, without doing either of those I would have been majorly disappointed as I know the concert would not have been as good for me!

It was hotter than Haiti last night and everyone was sweating and bumping into one another, but we had a really great time in true Newfoundland fashion! If GBS ever comes back to Ottawa, I would go again, as they were great crowd pleasers!

Here are a few other pics and I took at the concert... enjoy!