Thursday, June 22, 2006

Take your cheatin' spouse to the drycleaners!

Not that I have EVER thought about cheating on my spouse, but perhaps I might be pushing for him to cheat on me with the latest decision from our friends at the Supreme Court of Canada. Check out the article in today's Ottawa Sun entitled: Divorce can cost cheaters.

It appears that after 20 years of marriage a husband left his wife for another woman. Now the ex-wife is receiving $2,250 PER MONTH as ruled by the Supreme Court because (and I quote) 'the emotional devastation wrought by a cheatin' heart can be factored into a wronged spouse's ability to earn a livelihood, and thus her need for ongoing spousal support'.

Geeee, just think what you could do with $2,250 per month? It hardly seems necessary to need to work... but if you did continue to work you could enjoy quite the luxurious lifestyle with that chunk of pocket change!

What adds more fuel to the fire in this story is that a lower court described the ex-wife as 'bitter to the point of obsession'. It sounds as though the cheatin' husband has probably had his share of misery since the divorce, and on top of it he is now paying his ex $27 000 a year... HONESTLY.

I feel for people who have been cheated on, but in all seriousness this woman has really pushed the limits by claiming that this breakup has hindered her ability to live. In my opinion she really hit the jackpot. I know that breakups can be hard and often the feelings of betrayal last for years, but if you're still not over a cheatin husband after 8 years it shouldn't be cheater's problem! This lady needs some mental help.

Ahhhhh... since I am happily married I need not analyse this story anymore, but for anyone out there who is having thoughts of adultery... you should ask yourself: DO I have 27 grand to light on fire today?

Sleep tight... nighty night!