Sunday, June 11, 2006

Wonderful Windy Wedding

Well somebody's prayers worked because the rain did hold off all day Saturday, until about 11 pm... so the wedding was able to be held outside and was lovely. What I should have also added on Friday was that prayers for no wind would have been acceptable too!

Saturday blew in and blew out in high fashion I must say. I went to the hall to setup on Saturday morning and the wind was bustin threw the balcony at Mach 10 speed but nevertheless, the day went off (with a few hilarious hitches!).

I think the hall setup went well! Alexis was pleased with my calls, and a lot of people commented on her ideas, so they must have been presented well (toot toot!). The guests gathered about 3:45 pm, but where not going out onto the windy balcony until it was absolutely time for the bride to come down the isle. All the guests did seat themselves when told to so, and the groom and his boys nicely assembled themselves at the front. The music began, the bridesmaids and flower girl went down the aisle very nicely, and then came Alexis and her Dad. I helped them out the door, placed her dress softly blowing in the wind, and sent her down the aisle, or so I thought.

I stepped back inside the doors to let the photographer capture the moment... I stood there happily admiring my friend when a big gust of wind came up and made Alexis' veil take flight, off into the bushes about 50 meters away! The look on her face (I wish I had my camera) was priceless, by far the funniest wedding moment I have ever been apart of! Without thinking, I took off down the stairs, across the lawn, and into the bushes to rescue the veil. We managed to get it back on her head, just in time to get her down the Shaun before the music ended! A small hiccup in what was a beautiful ceremony, wind and all.

After the ceremony... I think Alexis and Shaun were both much more relaxed... the wind was nothing but a distance memory, and as the day carried on, the party was warm and wonderfully enjoyed by everyone who attended. P and I had a great time, we had by far the COOL table (althought I am sure a few will beg to differ on that statement), and of course P had no trouble making friends throughout the night!

Today, we had a quick breakfast with the bride and groom, and then I came home and slept for 4 hours on the couch, while P reffed some hockey.

I have included a few pics from the wedding and reception... for those wedding lovers (like me) who just love to look at wedding photos, no matter whose they are!! Enjoy.