Monday, June 12, 2006

Showdown at the Card Store

Today during lunch hour, I wolfed down my lunch so that I could take a walk to the card store. As you all know (or let this serve as a reminder) Father's Day is approaching this weekend. I needed to get my favourite father a card for the big day, and get it in the mail pronto so that he will recieve it in time for Sunday's festitivites (which I know my Mom is diligently planning as we speak... LOL!).

At any rate... when I go to buy a card, any card, I never like to go when I am in a hurry because picking the perfect card takes time. I figure that if I am going to spend $4.00 on a piece of fancy paper, it better damn well say the right thing!

So... today I entered the card store with my task clearly in mind, and started searching the rows and rows of cards. To my surprise there weren't that many people in the Father's Day section... however, one lady (who we will call Bad Breath Brenda or BBB) insisted on bumping into me numerous times while she was also searching for the perfect card. I was firmly planted in front of the 'From your Daughter' section when BBB threw her hip into me and reached acrossed my face to grab a card. My blood pressure immediately sky-rocketed (as this was the third time she had bumped me)... could someone be so rude as to box me out of the card section that I was clearly utilizing? The nerve.

I looked BBB squarely in the face, and said:

Oh I'm sorry maaaaaam, did you need me to move? (in the most sarcastic voice possible)

To which she replied:

Well you have been reading the same card for 5 minutes.

To which I wanted to reply:

Actually I am not reading it, I am standing here just to upset you. Is it working?

But instead said:

Oh I'm sorry, I didn't know there was time limit on card selection.

To which she said:

There isn't, but everyone would like to have a look at the cards in front of you.

I thought:

EVERYONE? Give me a break lady.... as my face turned beat red (I am sure of it).

To which I said:

Well lucky for the other two people in this row (a.k.a - EVERYONE), you aren't throwing your hip into them, instead of asking someone to move, politely.

BBB didn't reply, but did let out the stinkiest sigh possible. Luckily for me, I had the perfect card for Dad, and I was on the first bus out there.

Grrrrrrrrrr... somedays I wonder who would actually admit to being a parent to certain types of people in this world. Honestly!

At any rate, it made for a Moody Monday, but nevertheless, P and I are BBQing my favourite meal tonight, steak and tators, so hopefully that will erase the bad memories of my showdown at the card store!