Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Ready for a Camp Out

Tonight while P and I were waiting 5 hours for the potatoes to cook on the BBQ, we decided to bust into some wedding gifts we got back in September. We registered for numerous items, such as a tent, air mattress, sleeping bags, cooking stove, etc. Everything a person (or couple) would need to take a camping excursion.

We do in fact have a camping trip planned with my roommates from university (and co.) for the July 1st long weekend. I figured that we should actually open the camping gear before arriving at the camp ground. Knowing our luck the air mattress would have a hole in it, or the sleeping bag we got would have been a single, instead of a double (you get the picture).

Much to my surprise, the whole air mattress blow-up, and tent set-up was done in under 10 minutes. Can you believe that? The tent we got is HUGE, and the damn thing just pops up LITERALLY. All one has to do is unzip the bag it comes in, lay it out, and before you can say PO-PO ZOW.... it is ready for a party.

We were so estatic about the E-Z Woods Tent, that we decided to put the air mattress in the tent, lay on it, and just picture what it would be like to actually be camping! I was pretty optimistic about the whole camping adventure ahead of us, until P went to get out the tent, farted, and left me inside of it to DIE.

YUP... that's my husband!

I knew the camping thing would have its draw backs!