Friday, June 16, 2006

Confessions of a French Student

Today capped off a pretty good week in French.

I have been on stupid dumb shitty crappy french training for 6 months now, but I have finally let go of my anger and actually engaged in some learning. Its been six looooong, but useful months. While I like to pretend its been worse than being held captive in a refugee camp, I have actually come to like my so-called training (shit... did I say that outloud).

Suprisingly, I am making some progress, and suprisingly I have realized that I can learn a second language. I am at the point now where I can actually understand some street French, and not just the dumb sounds my classmates and I make 5 days a week for 8 hours a day.

While I still have a ways to go (a long ways), I am just excited to actually be learning. I might be writing this post because I just got home from school, and this afternoon the teacher allowed us to close up shop early (2 pm) and took us to the French Book Store (La librairie du soleil) which just happens to be located in the Byward Market. It was 25 degrees today, the walk there put me in a pretty good mood. While I thought just gracing the store with my presence would be enough, I actually made my first French literature purchase while I was there, and one that I feel confident I can read.

The book is the french verison of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I am trying forget the fact that this was the same book that Miss Kirby read to my class in Grade 5, but let's face it, that's the level I am at!

Nevertheless, I am pretty satisfied with myself this week in terms of the language training. Next week we will probably be taught some new complicated concepts and I will want to walk out in front of the first bus that drives by -- BUT, for now I will bath in my own sense of self accomplishment, and enjoy the weekend ahead... perhaps even read a few pages of my new book while soaking up some rays in my little francophone neighbourhood!

Ahhh... j'aime le fran├žais!