Sunday, June 18, 2006

Happy Father's Day DAD!

Today, as we all know is Father's Day. I am of course 8 hours away from Dad, and while I know he is enjoying his day with the other members of my family, I still want to wish him a Happy Father's Day... from me.

I have always been Daddy's Little Girl. I like to think that my Dad and I have a special relationship. We have never gone through any major crisis... my Dad is a fairly easy going guy, and that makes him a really easy person to talk to, and an easy person to love!

For the majority of my life, I knew it was Dad who you could win over when it came to baragining for something you wanted. Growing up, the parent who I thought would always say no was my Mother. It always seemed easier to present a good argument to my Dad and have him side with you. There weren't too many times when he would say 'Go ask your mother'... so I knew that if I was going to get away with something, I was going to accomplish it through Dad.

These days, its not about getting away with much. I am a grown adult, and Dad recognizes that, a quality that I love about him. For me, my Dad has always been the guiding light in my life (well, both of my parents were the light, but Dad was the voice behind that light). As a father he always confirmed the support that I knew existed from him and my mother. Dad never had trouble telling me that I could do anything I put my mind to or that I was capable of making it on my own. While my mother always had the look, my Dad had the words that validated her look.

On my wedding day, in his speech to P and I, my Dad said this:

'I would like to say to my daughter Sara, we have tried to show guidance, support and love, and equip you will all the tools to be successful in life, but you have reached the point in life from which your greastest journey is about to begin. You and Peter are about to embark on a journey, which can only be limited by your imagination & depths of commitment. We are very happy to call you daughter and son, and we love you very much.'

Those words were from the heart, and meant so much to me. As a father, I know it can never be easy raising daughters. My Dad always had to pretend that he enjoyed walking around a mall for three hours on family vacations, or pretending that doing all the labour on a canoe ride up the river was a good time. He never had boys to teach how to play hockey, but we did come through when it came to curling. Whatever the sport, the chore, or the hobby was, my Dad always gave it his best effort, a fatherly effort that has not gone unnoticed during the course of my life.

Dad... I cannot thank you enjoy for making my childhood memorable. You were always there when I needed you, and were never anything but supportive, loving, and fun to be with. I am proud to have you as my father... and want to tell that I can't imagine what my life would have been like without you in it .... I love you very much, and even though there is 8 hours between us, I will always feel close to you!

Happy Father's Day