Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Triple Cupping has consequences at the local Tim Horton's

Today, while standing in line at MY local Tim Horton's I received a little education when comes to the double cupping policy for Tim Horton's - who knew such a policy existed!

As I entered the Tim's line, I overheard a customer order this:
'ex-large triple triple, triple cup' - I did think the triple cup order was odd, but the conversation that occured between the server and the customer after the order was taken was even more odd.

When the customer requested a triple cup, the employee asked 'will a double cup do?' To which the customer said, 'I still find it too hot with just a double'. The employee then took the conversation to the next authoritative level by explaining to the customer that the chain had a policy on double cupping.

Apparently, double cupping is not to be permitted when the order is for any sized coffee, hot chocolate or cappuchino, but a double cup is permitted on any sized orders for tea. According to Mr. Employee of the Month, triple cupping is strictly out of the question.

The customer, appearing a little upset stated that he has always received a double cup with his order, to which the employee stated in a calm and relaxing manner 'Yes sir, I realize this, but although the double cupping policy is not actively enforced by our chain, triple cupping is.'

WOW -- how do like them apples? Apparently if the customer wants a triple cup its 15 cents extra for the third cup ex-large cup.

The customer was too upset, he aggressively said, 'fine... then gimme me the damn double cup', and stormed out of the place.

I was completely astonished, all this took place while I was in line for my coffee. While I am usually a frequent requestor of the double cup, today I sucked up the D.C. request and just took the steaming hot single cup like a solider going to combat.

Upon arrival to school, I couldn't stop thinking about it. I immediately GOOGLE'd Tim Horton's Double Cup Policy, but did not find anything from the actual Tim Horton's company. However, I did come across this not so recent article on why Tim Horton's won't go to the paper sleeve in order to eliminate double cupping, and more importantly, environmental waste. Apparently, according to the article, Tim Horton's does not have a double cupping policy (contrary to this morning's incident) but, their theory on the paper sleeve (that would reduce waste and be 40% cheaper for the company) is that they are too TRENDY and go against their marketing goals for their target audience.

Again, I was astonished to read this. Now, I am by no means dissing MY coffee chain, but to find that Tim's believes the paper sleeve to be too TRENDY is a bit absurded. A paper sleeve does not define trendy coffee for me... while I realize Tim's is marketable to all Canadians, even the homeless or less fortunate audience, I find it hard to believe that the paper sleeve would hinder their sales. People drink their coffee because its good, not because it requires a double cup (or sometimes a triple one).

C'mon Timmies... do away with your Double/Triple Cupping issues, introduce the sleeve, and keep the environmentalists happy! Either way, I will still probably be a loyal customer, but if the day comes when you try to enforce the double cupping policy on me, I might have to rethink my choice of coffee chains (and that's a big MIGHT)!