Friday, June 23, 2006

Birthday, Wedding, Road Trip

Last night we celebrated the birthday of my MOTHER-IN-LAW. I like to put that word in caps because that is how people usually say it. Lucky for me, birthdays at the IN-LAWS are always a good time: a good meal, some good laughs, and of course a good glass of wine (or two or three or four)! We stayed in Max-Vegas until around 11 pm celebrating the fesitivies of the woman I like to call Mom C!

The night was filled with a variety of gifts for the guest of honour all of which I throughally enjoyed, and would love to have any or all of the items she received in my own possession!

Since Mom C didn't have to suffer through the birth pains for any of her daughter-in-laws, I would say she lucked out with myself and my sister-in-law Angela (TOOT TOOT - boy do her boys know how to choose their women), but of course that is just my well-researched opinion!!

Ange and I each share many of the same tastes, and its always enjoyable when families like the same things, however, it does make gift giving a challenge as sometimes you purchase a gift and just want to keep it all to yourself, but then your conscience kicks in, and of course the love of family comes to mind, and you somewhat force yourself to wrap the gift and pass it on to a loved one!

Oh the dilemina of gift giving when it comes to the Coleman family.... since we all generally enjoy the same things, you search tirelessly because you want to find just the right gift for each member, but 9 times out 10 (atleast in my case) you love the gift so much that its hard to decide who needs the gift more, you or the birthday girl/boy!

Luckily, Mom C's birthday gift was one I could part with... she enjoyed all of her gifts and since it was her birthday, that was what I was going for!!! So... with that accomplishment under my daughter-in-law belt, I am ready to take off on a road tour for another wedding that is happening on Saturday.

P and I are meeting my parents (his IN-LAWS - duh duh dun) on Manitoulin Island as we are attending a wedding of a friend of mine... I am pretty excited as I love weddings, and of course it will be nice to see my parents too. The road trip should be fun as well... P will stop for a milkshake in Deep River, and we will listen to Johnny Cash and the Dixie Chicks all the way there - I can't wait!!!

Although it was said in person last night, blog would like to note a special Happy Birthday to Mom C. (I know a really nice person, who's birthday is TODAY-O ... T, O, D, A, Y... T, O, D,A,Y, ... T, O, D, A ... haha ... just kidding!)

That's all for now... Manitoulin Island doesn't have cell phone reception let alone internet, so I bid farewell until Monday folks!!