Tuesday, May 23, 2006

A Tuesday Trip to Costco

While I spent the day at home today working on my French skills, P made the trip to Ottawa on his own (which I am sure he enjoyed the fact that he could drive whatever way he wanted without any commentary from his wife!). Yesterday I had made a huge grocery list and then a list for Costco. P made his own list for Home Depot, so I knew today we would we be doing some shopping after work.

However, after some wicked cramps this morning and the fact that I had a ton of French work to do on the computer, I decided to work from the comfort of my own home today. P took the liberty of taking the list for Costco and Home Depot and called at 4 pm today to announce that he would stop by and get the items I requested at Costco.

Now, I am sure you are thinking 'Wow - what a great husband' which is what I was thinking too, but 5 phone calls later... I had developed a different opinion of his actions.

I literally had the Costco experience today, without having to step foot in the Costco store. P called me to say he was on his way and did I need anything else other then on the list. I did run through the list with him and added a few things, but nothing that he couldn't handle. We agreed on the 10 items and lovingly said our goodbyes as we hung up the phone.

A half hour later, the second call comes in. He has been to Home Depot and has now arrived at Costco (I picture us entering the store together, getting the flyer of coupons, and stopping to look at the hot deals at the entrance way - but wait... I'M NOT THERE!) He has spotted Cascade dishwasher soap and we have the following conversation:

P: Do we need dishwasher soap?
Me: No....we have enough for now

P: It's on SALE though, a good deal for a HUGE box
Me: Okay, then get it

P: Do you want to get two?
Me: No... 1 is fine (because we don't need ANY!)

P: Okay...see you at home
Me: Okay....bye.

So... I have been sucked into the dishwasher soap... no big deal. I like a good deal too... and it doesn't go bad, so what is the harm?

FIVE minutes later the phone rings again... now he has spotted laundry detergent (which was on the list), but wants to know if he should get two, because they are great deal. I tell him it's fine, and we hang up again. I realize he has made it about 5 feet in five minutes, because the dishwasher soap and the laundry detergent are always close to one another. I suspect another phone call, but hope that he is able to work his away around the corner, to the cheese section, and then to the check out.

TEN minutes later he calls again. This time the conversation goes like this:

P: They don't have any ceaser salad in a bag, do you want just the lettuce?
Me: No, that is fine, I will think of something else for dinner.

P: Do you want me to get a bowl of ceasar salad from here, it's like 10 bucks though?
Me: No, that is fine, I will go to the grocery store here.

P: Okay... do we need Road House burgers, they are $3.00 off?
Me: No, I think we have enough

P: We only have one box left
Me: Yes, but we can get them anytime, we don't NEED them.

P: Yah, I know, I was just testing you.

I hang up the phone... with a smirk on my face. If I was in the store with him, my face would have said it all, but since I was at home by myself, I let out an evil laugh, the I could throttle you sometimes laugh!

Within 60 seconds, the phone rings again, and before answering, I say to myself: if this P I am going to kill him (if only I would follow through on my thoughts!!), and what do ya know, it was him. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

P: Did I see garlic powder on your grocery list?
Me: (laughing) Ya, why?

P: Cause there is a thing of garlic powder here, and it's a good price
Me: Ummm....fine get it.

P: Well there is garlic powder, granulated garlic, or garlic plus.
Me: Garlic powder.

P: Okay, but what is this Garlic Plus?
Me: (in an annoyed voice) PETER - we need Garlic Powder, so make an executive decision, and just pick one.

P: Okay, okay
Me: Now, are you (we) almost at the check out?

P: Yes, why?
Me: Because, I am going to leave the house for 5 minutes, so DON'T CALL AGAIN.

P: Yes, Mum, see you at home.
Me: B-Y-E.

45 minutes later, P arrived home, and did buy everything on the list and a few other DEALS (suprise suprise). Although I did not physically have the Costco experience (which can be time consuming and tiring), I was just as exhausted from the phone calls and decision making!

Next time I have a list for Costco I will physically be making the trip... I mean, I might as well get the free food samples if I am going to have spend three hours on the phone saying buy this, don't buy that....buy this!

Oh... the joys of marriage!
Until next time....folks!