Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Throw this guy a BONE

This morning while browsing through the pages of the Ottawa Sun, I came across this interesting story that gave me a bit of laugh.

The story (for those of you who are too lazy to visit the link) is about a 25 year-old guy who is a virgin and has made a deal with the opposite sex that goes like this: if he gets 5 million hits to the Web Site www.avirginsplea.com in 30 days (started May 1st) the girl (who we shall call Ho-Bag Jodie for the purpose of this post) has agreed to sleep with him. If not? He has agreed to become her personal slave for a week.

Are you laughing yet? Its not so much the details of the deal that kill me, its the fact that this guy claims to be a VIRGIN at 25 and Ho-Bag Jodie either believes it, or (as her name might suggest) is just looking to have sex with someone.

I mean hats off to the guy if the story is true (and perhaps that is why I am also laughing), but in all seriousness...who in their right mind would want to publicize this personal information?

The story, if you read the link in detail, states that this guy was waiting until marriage before he had sex (nothing wrong with that), he got engaged, and weeks before the wedding found out his financé (who had was also saving herself) was sleeping with another man. The boy was so crushed that he swore off dating for three years.

It appears that now....with this offer from Ho-Bag Jodie, he is ready to throw his beliefs and values out the window if he wins the deal. You have to ask yourself, was it really about swearing off sex until marriage, or was it more about the fact that this guy was scared of having sex in general. My bets or on the latter.

What ever the case is...throw this guy a bone, visit the link, and help the boy gets his sexual life started!