Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy Mom's Day MOM!

Today is the day that you are suppose to celebrate your Mom. Since I am about 800 kms away from my Mom today (and the fact that she isn't answering her phone - the nerve of the woman), I thought I would send my happy wishes her way through the blogosphere.

My Mom was born on October 19th, 19....nevermind. I'll skip the details and get straight to the point - this Mom's Day, I want to tell her that she truly is a great Mom, because somehow between looking after my sister and my Dad, she managed to spare enough time to raise me to be pretty decent person (excuse me, while I toot my own horn here), and that was no small challenge.

It is only now, after being married and running my own household (sans kids), that I realize a lot of the sacrafices she made for me. I compare a lot of things these days and try to think back to when my parents were in this phase of their life and the things they would have went through.

My mom for instances, stayed home with both my sister and I while we in our early years. This meant only one income to the family, and that meant that while we had the privleadge of having a stay at home Mom, she probably had to go without a few things as I am guessing all income was utilized. However, this was never apparent to me that this was a strain on our family. Erin and I never did without, we never had anything less than other kids our age and I can't ever remember being denied anything major.

20 years later, I can now see how managing the household income would definitely be difficult on one income with 2 children - in fact I find it challenging these days on 2 incomes and 1 house without any children in the mix.

I guess this leads to my point...that my Mom (and let's not forget Timbo the breadwinner here) did a fanastic job in our household. I am sure there were those times that I said 'I hate you' or 'I wish you weren't my Mom' ...but looking back on this now, I NEVER EVER meant any of those things... in fact, I think I meant just the opposite.

Mom you have a been a fanatastic person throughout the years, its unfortunate that is has taken me this long to realize how lucky I am to have you to call Mom, but I just want to say THANK YOU - for always being there, for always caring, and for always supporting me (even during the times when we didn't share the same opinion). You are a great woman, a great mother, and a great friend: