Saturday, May 13, 2006

Husband Duties - Wife Duites - Rainy Day Duties

The weather has been crap since yesterday morning, but it appears that I did marry a hard working man. Today P woke up and decided to get right to work on building and installing us a new platform step from the house into the garage. We had a step that was barely stable, (P has almost lost his life 3 times on that damn thing), it frequently comes unattached from the garage wall and you can be standing on it while this happens, which creates a bit of problem when you have your hands full of groceries. Last week was the last incident that put P over the he decided to go buy the lumber and materials we needed to build a new step that would serve us a little better, including more space for our recycle bins and other necessary items that we need in the garage.

At any rate...its been 4 hours (including a pause for breakfast and a few phone calls) and he has made a lot of progress (however, if there was a fire in the house and I could only exit through the garage door, I am pretty sure I would break something if I had to jump.)

The other exciting factor to this step is that P is finally putting to use all of the tools he has been given as presents. I said to him this morning in my evil sarcastic wife voice: finally going to do something with those tools that you just HAD to have! To which he replied, looks disgusting in here, shouldn't you be cleaning (is it just me or did I marry my father!).

We parted ways so he could do his husband things in the garage, and I began doing (dare I say it) wife things - laundry, cleaning, cooking, and everything else that husband doesn't do. While I have been doing my so-called chores, I have been watching (over and over again) Walk the Line - the movie about Johnny Cash & June Carter - its a must see if you haven't already. I never thought I liked Johnny Cash's music, but after watching this movie last night for the first time I have already downloaded all the songs, and the next time I am anywhere near a music store I am buying the soundtrack. What a great great movie.

Tonight...we gear up for game 5 of the Sens vs. Sabres - its life or death for the Sens, so you can bet we will be on the edge of our seats. We are having some friends over for dinner (Clapper and Ben), and we will hopefully be celebrating a Sens win well into the night!

Well the crappy weather continues, I had a better get back to my duties!!