Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Stretch it out...in 5...4...3...2...1

Tonight... I dust off the cob webs and break out the baseball gear. My good friend Sophie Savage 9 and I are playing in the Embrun women's league and tonight is our first game. Last night her and I discussed how brutal we would be tonight since it feels like we haven't played in so freakin long (which is true, but still not an excuse).

My muscles are already aching just thinking about how badly out of shape I am. Sophie thinks she is a little of shape too, but she has a good excuse, he's 18 months old and his name is Joshua.

I haven't swung a bat in well over 9 months so my flabby arm is already telling me not to expect a whole lot when its my turn at the plate.

Every time I play baseball, I have a tendancy to think I am super woman and on the first 3 or 4 throws from the outfield. After I scoop up the ball and toss it in (and by toss I mean....throw out my arm in the process), I stand there in amazement at how far I actually got the ball and how accurate I was with my throw. Then after about the 5 or 6 throws, I am in some seriously pain. After that, I don't try to aim the ball to anyone specific, rather, I just close my eyes and hope to hell that it lands anywhere in the infield.

Perhaps, my new team will take some mercy on me, and either put me in the infield, even though I am scared shitless of having the ball hit me in the chicklets....or else perhaps they will put me in a field where no one hits the ball.

I guess we will see....all I know is that I am going 30 minutes early just to stretch, because if this game ends up being anything like the first tennis match this season, I am probably going to be howling tomorrow morning when I take a pee!

Wish me luck...and I will keep you posted our win-loss record throughout the course of the summer.

On a side note, sorry for not posting anything in the last while. I was under the weather Sunday and Monday and so I was not up for even writing a complaint post. However, I am on the road to recovery (hopefully), so assuming there is no fatal injuries from tonights baseball game, I will back to my usual self tomorrow.