Thursday, May 11, 2006

Barbie is a Brunette

Last night, Barbie (a.k.a. Kristy Shags Shaughnessy) arrived to the bright lights of Embrun. She just happened to in Ottawa for the next fews days on business, so she passed up her TD expensed room at the Chateau Laurier for a luxuary suite on Centenaire Street.

I was pretty happy to see her - but it turns out Barbie is no longer blonde - in fact she one damn hot brunette. We spent most of last night catching up on events that have occured in our lives during the 3 months we've been seperated (as we filed for divorce!). It was just like old times. This morning we enjoy a car ride into Ottawa in her sassy G6 rental car, and again on the way home tonight. Its hard to believe its been 3 months since she moved to Thunder Bay.

As you can see in the above picture, she brought all the facts on Thunder Bay (for a little presenation to her work colleagues), as well as some addicting pastery like donuts (but they are NOT donuts) that apparently are only found in Thunder Bay - they're called Perisians or something to that effect (don't quote me on the spelling). At any rate, they are the most addicting carbs you have ever encountered, especially when topped with the must-try strawberry icing. These Perisians are also for her little presentation, but if they mysteriously go missing through the night and don't make it to her office tomorrow - I had nothing to do with it.

Tonight we made tacos, and after that we did everything good friends do - NOTHING. We sat on the couch and chatted through a nailing biting Sens game, ate some junk, and talked about plans for the upcoming summer. Last night we spent the majority of the night bedazzling Barbie's cell phone so she could be just like me! I swear she is going to be the next release for Matel's Barbie collection:

That's Business Banker Barbie, bedazzled cell phone not included.