Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Move over Don Cherry

For years people have tuned into Hockey Night in Canada for one reason (and perhaps this is a stretch) to see Don Cherry. But here is a true confession from me, the one and only reason I enjoy Hockey Night in Canada is because of this man below....Kelly Hrudey.

When it comes to hockey, I will admit, I only really like to watch it when the playoffs start. Many times throughout the season I could care less about who wins what games. Generally the Sens are never in danager of not making the playoffs, so I know that when playoffs start I am going to have team to cheer for. Hockey Night in Canada is not usually my favourite show, but the more I watch it, the more I realize, I could spend hours on hours listening to (LOOKING AT) Kelly Hrudey.

For a while when I first encountered Mr. Hrudey's Behind the Mask series, I thought it was a spin off of the local CTV station's series 'Behind the Mask with Seamus Kotyk' (which aired a few years back when the 67s won the OHL Championship). Little did I know that Kelly Hrudey actually was quite successful during his NHL career as a goalie. Whatever his claim to fame was during his hockey career, all I could think when I first saw him was 'Heeeeeeeeelloooo Rudy'.

You have to admit he is far better looking than Don Cherry could ever be, and not the mention that fact (that unlike Don) his head actually fits in your television screen along with Ron McLean.

I don't care what Rhudey is saying, its music to my ears. If he wanted to banter on all night long with Ron, I would be glued to the television as if it was a Trading Spaces marathon.

PC is aware of my lust for Mr. Rhudey. I don't think he feels that my on screen relationship with Hrudey is about to threaten our marriage by any stretch of the imagination, but I am sure he wouldn't exactly like to see Rhudy taking up residence in the capital city.

Do you think the Roman Catholics consider it a sin to have an on-screen marriage with someone other then your husband? Perhaps I need to look into that, but the way I see it is that Hockey Night Canada can be aired in our household without any arguing - PC can enjoy as many hockey games as he wishes, and I can enjoy as much of Mr. Rhudey as I please. It's a win-win situation for all involved.

Tonight... marks game three of the Sens vs. Sabres series, and you can bet I will be keeping a close eye on the game intermissions - GO SENS GO!