Thursday, May 04, 2006

I should have been a dentist!

Today I had my bi-annual appointment with my dentist. Lately in my last few visits to the dentist, the check-up portion has always resulted in more work. So today when the dentist proclaimed 'everything looks great' I was pleasantly surprised.

Here's the part the gets me everytime I am at my dentist's office (or any dentist office for that matter), and bare with me while I get to the part that actually gets me!

The lovely hygentist (Josée was her name) calls you into the room, asks you to sit back in the chair while she tilts your feet to the ceiling and lowers your head to the floor (and then asks you politely - 'are you comfortable?'). Once all the blood has rushed to your head and your feeling a little woozy.... she then begins performing 30 to 40 minutes of hard dental labour.

The hygentist is the one who asks you if you've had any problems lately with your teeth, she takes a few x-rays, she even checks your chart to see if there are any sensitive spots to your teeth recorded in the past. Her attitude is pleasant, and always informative (giving you the same old song and dance about the benefits of flossing), she scraps your teeth gently, cleans them refreshingly, flosses them diligently, and sits you up nicely when she is done.

You would think that someone with that kind of responsibility and labour intensive role would make as much as the dentist, if not more - because if she wasn't there, it wouldn't be worth the trip.

But of course that would make far to much sense - and here is the part that gets me.

After waiting an extra 10 minutes in the flys Dr. Do Little (no pun intended) - He throws you back in the chair, flashes the light in your eyes, takes his rubber glove and feels around your mouth (leaving a disgusting latex taste on your tongue), he pokes, he taps, and without saying anything more than 'hmmm...umm hummmm....ummm..hmmmmmmmmmmmmm' he announces in a god like voice: 'everything looks great, you take care now' as he saunters out of the room.

HELLO? How in the hell does this guy make six figures for less than 2 minutes of work per hour, while the poor hygentist slaves away hour after hour, for less than a sixth of what Do Little is making.

I don't understand this world. If my dental insurance wasn't footing the bill, boy would I have a thing or two to say to Do Little. When you walk out of the office, you almost feel like slapping a twenty down on hygentist's chair, like a tip, as you know she isn't getting paid half of what she should be. Meanwhile, Do Little is in the back licking his chops, drinking Starbucks coffee, reading Forbes magazine, and waiting another 58 minutes for his next victim.

If only I was a little more goal-oriented when I was yonger....a few science courses, a couple extra years of university, a pair of latex gloves, and I could have been Embrun's newest and coolest dentist.

Oh what could of have been. On the bright side, my teeth are clean, and I don't have to go back to chez le dentiste for another 6 months, so on that note, I will call it a day!