Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Condolence - as defined by dictionary.com:

'sympathy with a person who has experienced pain, grief, or misfortune'

I thought this might be the appropriate word to offer to my father, a long time Montreal Canadiens fan who is no doubt suffering some pain, grief and misfortune this evening as the Habs prepare to start their golf season bright and early tomorrow morning.

As you may have watched this evening, the Habs suffered a fourth and final loss to the Carolina Hurricanes in overtime tonight eliminating them for the 2006 Stanley Cup playoffs.

I hope you aren't taking the loss too hard Dad, my thoughts are with you. For the record P wanted to call you to say something along the lines of 'Go Sens Go', but I wrestled the phone away from him so you could spend the dying moments of the Habs season in peace!