Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Flip-Flop Obsessed

When I was young (actually I should start this post out by telling the truth), I mean, when I was in my teens (highschool years) I was obsessed with Winne the Pooh. I think it first started when a friend of mine in Grade 9 (Melissa Pritchard) had a Winnie the Pooh diaper bag (don't ask), then I decided to get one and use it for my lunch bag, and the whole thing just spiraled from there.

I know most of you are thinking:

Teenager + Winnie the Pooh = Weird

But, for me, Pooh and his friends (let's not forget Tigger, Piglet and Eeyore) were an obsession until my second year of University. Up until second year, I spent a lot of money on Pooh items....I had it all, the large stuffed animals, the pillows, the blankets, the key chain, the pens, the calendar - everything that was Pooh, I owned it ... you could say I was all Pooh-ed out!

However, somewhere in my second year, I decided to put the Pooh phase to bed and actually grow up. So I moved on from Pooh to flip flop sandals.

I have been collecting flip flops and flip flop items for a few years now. I have about 12 key chains all on the same large key chain. I have a flip flop cell phone charm, flip flop patterened pjs - you name it, I have it or will go to great lengths in order to own it.

Every time I go into a store and see either a pair of flip flops or something with a flip flop on it, I have to literally stand there and convince myself that I don't need the item that has the flip flop on it.

Last night, while browsing the aisles of Home Sense (a store I shouldn't be in when I just need to kill time because I end up spending way too much money) I came across these:

I present to the court Exhibt A:

Salt & Pepper Shakkers - THAT ARE FLIP FLOPS

(say it with enthusiam!)

They were so cute, I just had to have them, but upon further investigation of the store, I came across these:

Your honour, please see Exhibt B and Exhibt C:

A huge serving dish & smaller dishes - IN FLIP FLOPS

Now... here is the conversation I had with myself outloud in the store:

Obsessed Sara: 'I need these' .... placing all items them in the cart

Rational Sara: 'No, I don't these' ... looking intensely at all items in the cart

Obsessed Sara: 'But these are soooo cute - I need these!'

Rational Sara: 'But really you don't need them' ... taking all items out of the cart

Obsessed Sara: 'These would go so great with the flip flop placemats I bought here last month'

Rational Sara: 'If I bring home another chip and dip serving set P is going to KILL ME'

Obsessed Sara: 'Who cares, these are the coolest flip flops things I have even seen' ... placing all items back in the cart

Rational Sara: 'Perhaps P won't even notice the purchase, when he asks where these came from I will just say I got it at my wedding shower and haven't had a chance to use them yet' ... yeah - that will work!

Obsessed Sara: 'Sweet ... I can't wait to use these'

Rational Sara: 'Sweet... I probably won't use these much, but who cares - they're flip flops!'

It seems that Obsessed Sara & Rational Sara are sounding like one & the same person.... but seriously, who cares, we both agree... we're buying the set, there's no turing back now.

So, as you can see I am now the proud owner of flip flop salt n' pepper shakkers, a large serving dish, and two other smaller serving dishes. They definitely round out the flip flop place mats and napkins I have - all I need now is an excuse to have a party on a free weekend, and a hot summer day (yeah - like that combo is ever going to work out anytime soon).

I am flip flop obsessed and it doesn't appear that this obsession is going to wind down anytime soon. Pooh was just a phase, but flip flop obsession is here to stay.

On a side note, yesterday's curling game got off to a good start, but we had one bad end and had to chase to opposition in the later ends. We lost, which meant will played tonight. Tonight's game turned out to be a nail bitter coming down to the final rock on the final end. Luckily we had one point in bag and the opposition had to throw a hell mary to try and tie the game. We won 8-6 and now play Friday night.. its going to be a long road to defend the title because we are on the B side but we are definitely still in the running.