Sunday, April 30, 2006

I'm baaaaaaaack!

This weekend P was away in Montreal playing in a hockey tournament, so I had the house to myself - not only the house to myself, but the bed to myself too. Since we moved into this house, I was beginning to think that I could no longer sleep in. On the weekends the lastest I would be able to sleep in was 9:30 am - and for me that was not really sleeping in.

When I was child, a teenager, and a university student I could easily sleep until noon - any earlier then that and I was not a happy camper. Now days, on a usual weekday we are up around 6 am - so sleeping until 9:30 on the weekend is sleeping in, but for me I still miss the 12 hour sleep days.

All this to say... that I was beginning that my 12 hour sleep-ins were just a phase that I had grown out of, but after this weekend I am happy to report - I'm back! Oh yeah!

Having the house and bed all to myself, I recorded record sleep-ins of 12:00 noon on Saturday, and 11:00 am today. It was the highlight of the weekend for me. I have come to realize that the reason I am up so early on the usual weekends is becasue of P - he must toss and turn or make some kind of noise so that I can't sleep in, even though my body wants to.

The funny part is .... after talking to P about his weekend, he told me that Saturday morning he slept until 11:00 am too - coincidence? I think not.

Perhaps we're just not comptable when it comes to sharing a bed. When it came to buying a bed for our house, we delibertly got a king size bed because of the fact that I toss and turn so much and P wanted to ensure he had enough room for himself so that he didn't have to put up with me hitting and kicking him in my sleep. However, I do recall the days when we happily slept on a futon that was a thin piece of crap and we felt it that it was the best thing since sliced bread because we were together - oh how things change once you're married!

At any rate.... I can still sleep-in wasn't just a phase, it's me - and perhaps now on the days when I really want to sleep in, I might just have to venture into one of the other spare beds so that I can ensure 12 hours of peace and quiet!

In other news, our curling team bit the bullet late last night. We lost 8-6, but it was a well fought battle, considering our team was suppose to start the game at 8pm, but didn't get on the ice until 10 pm, and began drinking at 5 pm (you do the math!). As with any good bonspiel, booze is always the dimize of the game - we enjoyed ourselves, and I think I actually threw the rock better after a couple of shooters, so this is something I might try to incorporate into my game next year. If we had won last night, we would have played at 10 am this morning, which would have totally ruined my sleep in for today - so no complaining here! We had a good season and we are looking forward to next season - which starts in just under 5 months.