Monday, July 23, 2012


What an amazing summer we seem to be having here weather wise. And by amazing, I mean the heat is off the charts, which, if you love the sunshine like me, you have been in heaven every time you step foot out the door these days (however, if you're a farmer, I feel for you - where is the rain?!).

This is the summer to totally have a backyard pool. I think many can agree that the last few summers we've had, maintaining a pool has hardly seemed worth it with all of the rain and crappy weather we've had to contend with. The pool season seems short to begin with, and for all of the effort it takes to keep a pool running, the past few summers has probably been more work than pleasure. But for the pool peeps who have been there through thick and thin, this is the summer it all pays off! People who have had their pools up and running on May 2-4 are definitely going to get their money's worth this year - and then some. I am betting at this rate, we'll still be poolside in late-September, which is awesome!

We are lucky to have Grandma & Grandpa C close by, along with their refreshing salt-water pool. My boys have enjoyed swimming in their pool a lot this summer, and its only just begun! They are becoming little fishes... and they love all of the splashing and fun that goes along with it, not to mention the extra spoiling that Grandma & Grandpa add in with each visit.

E has become quite the little swimmer, and has really gained a lot of bravery when it comes to jumping in, and going under.  H has taken his fearless approach to life right into the pool too... he loves when Daddy tosses him in the air for his own demonstration of the baby CANNON-BALL! We had both boys in swimming lessons in the spring, and now with the awesome summer we're having, they are able to continue building their water confidence in Grandma & Grandpa's pool.

Lots of fun summer memories are being made poolside this year... so glad I've remember my camera for a few of these pool trips.

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