Monday, March 26, 2012

Hunger Games Virgin!

This weekend marked the opening of the movie Hunger Games (in Ottawa), and a few days ago, my besties asked me if I wanted to join them to see the movie.

I accepted the gracious invitation... not because I've read the book and was dying to see the movie, but because I was dying for an excuse to have a night out and a little break from my Mommy duties.

I think I am probably one of the rare few who were in the theater and had never heard of Hunger Games, let alone the names Katniss and Peeta. I went in blind, totally blind, and... I LOVED IT!

My besties are die hard Hunger Games fans... as they were Twilight fans! I never got into Twilight - my interest was not once peaked by the whole vampire love story. The whole Hunger Games movement is also one I did not jump on. I have to admit if it weren't for the odd snippet of info on Ellen and the entertainment pieces on my local radio station, I don't think the words Hunger Games would mean anything to me.

However, I really thought the movie was fantastic... super intense, and although based on a semi-unrealistic storyline, it was totally believable to watch. I loved the character of Katniss... she was phenomenal on all accounts.

Having enjoyed the movie so much, I am actually thinking about adding a copy of the book to my nightstand in hopes of reading it before... 2022!

Thanks to @erinseller and @ericaclapp for putting up with my virgin HG questions, but also for insisting I join the party! It was a great night out, followed up by some good laughs at Moxie's!

I am so pumped for Catching Fire... (whatever that means)!

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