Tuesday, March 20, 2012

So long preschool!

Hard to believe, but E had his preschool graduation and is now ready to rock kindergarten in the fall.

E has been attending the little preschool program at the Family Center here in Embrun.  I have come to really love this program for him because it has prepared him very well for what to expect when he starts kindergarten in September.

The teachers are very energetic and E has loved his time with them each and every week. Through the program, he has been able to experience show and tell and other useful skills like cutting with scissors, writing his name and numbers, and writing his colours and shapes.  Every week since January, he has come home with a new concept, and activities to show what he has done during his time away from Mom and Dad. He has even been proud to tell us that he has homework!

The program could not have gone better. The teachers put together a little graduation ceremony as part of the final class, and E was super excited to perform with his class.

Here are  a few pictures from the festivities.
Thanks to the Embrun Family Center, Ms. Nathalie and Ms. Tanya for a great program.

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