Thursday, March 22, 2012

Guidelines for Posting Pictures to Facebook

Whether there is a written rule about it or not, to me there should be some clear guidelines for posting pictures to Facebook. I'm not talking about who can and can't post pictures but rather I'm thinking that someone who is fairly tech savvy needs to come up with an app that tells people which of their pictures are worth posting and which of them are pure crap! 

I love looking through other people's pics - I'm not a stalker by trade, but I do like to comment and 'like' some of the fun pictures that people in my circle post.  However, what I really get annoyed at is people who come home from an outing or trip and basically just dump their memory card into a Facebook album and hit share. I'm talking 160 photos to an album when maybe 30 to 35 photos are actually half decent shots that tell the complete story of the event.

People - no one wants to see the five or nine takes you went through to get ONE great shot of your kids, pets, or backyard adventure.  And frankly, we you have to click through the outtakes it takes away from that one shot that actually is half decent.

My tips or guidelines for posting pics to Facebook are as follows:

1. Less is more. Nobody wants to see the 'I almost got the shot' photos, show us the real deal or show one of the lead up shots that might illustrate what you went through to get the great shot but leave the almost great photos on your hard drive, not your Facebook account.

2. Flag the best ones (either in iPhoto or in a separate folder on your desktop) and then share only those ones that you consider good or great.

3. Don't be scared of a little editing, there is lots of great free software out there can help you touch up photos that may be a little over exposed, or under processed. You don't have to be a graphic designer or a photographer extraordinaire to play around with your images just a little.

4. It's never too late to post pictures... so take your time and go through your pictures and delete the ones that aren't focused or that you wouldn't bother printing for an album. The ones that are left are probably the ones worth sharing on Facebook.

To me, using some or all of these guidelines will go a long way in helping you preserve the best memories of your friends and family, because the pictures that you and your circle of friends will look back one in a few months/years will be the BEST ones.

My advice only, take it or leave it, but if you leave it, know that I am judging you just a smidge the next time I see a photo dump on FB!
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