Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Hard to please... that's me!

I'm having one of those days weeks months where I go to bed at night feeling like nothing but a bitch. Have you been there?

Maybe? Maybe not.  But I'm there.

Whether its my hormonal balance trying to find its new home post-pregnancy, or its just plain old me - whatever the case, I'm feeling extra bitchy lately.  I'm not talking nastiness, I'm just talking about an overall feeling that brings my mood way down.

I go to bed at night thinking... tomorrow's a new day and wishing that the same old annoyances won't irritate me so much, but turns out they do.

I have so many things that I want to accomplish in life (many of them have already happened, but I'm talking about the smaller things in life) ... a laundry list full of small items that remain unchecked, and this frustrates me.  I have a pretty terrific family, great friends, a loving husband, two of best boys in the world, yet I can't seem to just sit back and enjoy them, I am always wanting to do more, have more, know more - and yet when these things happen, its never enough.

Bottom line is, I'm hard to please... really hard to please. I don't think that anyone's best efforts will ever satisfy me... and its kinda a scary thought, because you have to wonder when the people in my life will stop trying to please me.

I'm starting to think I need a new outlook on life... one that is more of a simple approach, and one that I can look back on in a month, a year, a decade later and be proud of. I do love my life, yet I'm not acting like I do... so here's to a fresh take on the simple things... less bitchiness, more happiness.

So ... lookout world, this bitchy - hard to please - self is moving out, and a simpler - less irritated - me is moving in. Hopefully!

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P.S. My Keurig machine that I heart so deeply has been descaling for two days now, and I've been without a decent cup of java for what feels like an eternity. #someoneshootmenow

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