Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Back to the stroller thing!

You may recall several months ago, I wrote a post about strollers and what I wish I had known about them before we had kids. Now... we've recently invested in two new strollers, and I am LOVING both of them, so I thought I'd share with you my choices, and why I love them so much!

The first purchase was a new umbrella stroller... the Bumbleride Flight (in trendy 'seagrass').  I am loving this stroller for a few reasons... A. it takes my Graco car seat, B. its super easy to fold up and cart around, C. it fits my newborn, but also my big boy (until he's 5ish), and D. it came with all the necessary accessories: raincover, car seat adapter, cup holder.

I bought mine on ebay, and it was delivered to my door within 5 days. It was MUCH cheaper that what is retailing at in Canada (which is about $250). We took this baby to Florida with us, and it was great for flying with... the one handed fold down and pick up maneuver was so handy, plus it comes with a shoulder strap if you need to sling it over your arm at any point. PC and I both enjoyed pushing it, and I love that it will grow with our family. I plan to have this stroller until my youngest is 5 or 6, and I bet it will still be in great condition once he's done with it.

The one drawback I would say is that it doesn't have a humungo sun canopy, but I have the universal UV net and that works like a charm.  So all in all... its fabulous!

The second investment we've made is a double stroller... The City Select Baby Jogger. I am also in love with this stroller. It was recommended to me by a friend (shout out to Terri), who also had two kiddies the same ages as mine, and she said it was hands down the best purchase she's made. I did my homework and researched the heck out it, and concluded the same. We've had it for over a month now and I call it my freedom stroller, as it allows me to go out and about with my two boys by myself and not have to worry that my 2 y/o will run away on me, or that my newborn will be uncomfortable or unable to fall asleep enroute to our destination!

This stroller rocks (in my opinion) because when its just me and H here, I can go out and about with him... but if I have E and H with me, it easily... let me repeat, EASILY, turns into a double stroller. This stroller is easy to push, easy to maneuver, and easy to get into your trunk!

The single best feature (again, in my opinion) is the humungo (yes, I said humungo TWICE in the same post) ... the humungo (three times now!) basket in the bottom of the stroller. It can be accessed from all sides, it unzips, expands... it ROCKS! 

I also love it as a double stroller because it has so many options for how the boys can sit... facing each other, facing forward, backward, inward, outward... it can accommodate their moods while continuing to be functional! The sun canopies give great coverage for both boys... and the handle easily adjusts for taller people to push it (like PC).

My only regret about this stroller is that I didn't know about it when I had my first son! This stroller, although an investment, would have saved us the nuisance of collecting and storing strollers as a hobby! It has really been the best stroller we've come across, and I know that I will also have it for quite a few years, and when we're done with it, I think we will be able to recoup some of our costs as it is well made and will serve another growing family like ours!

The good news now is that we are finally done buying strollers... and we are so happy with our final purchases! If you're an expecting parent and are having trouble deciding what stroller to purchase.... do your research (watch reivews of your stroller choices on YouTube) and save yourself some money in the long run by purchasing the right stroller first!

Here are just a few pics of our City Select in action from the past weekend!

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