Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Bits and Pieces!

I've have a hard time blogging the last little while... I just find that in my days busier and my evenings shorter. It must be all the nice weather we've had lately (*insert fake 'ya right' laugh here*).

I really don't have a good excuse, except that life happens... and since we got home from Florida over a month ago now... it seems to be one thing after another.

Let's see... PC had double knee surgery almost a month ago, so we've been dealing with his recovery, which has included 3 weeks of being off work (not to mention, 3 weeks of interuption to my daily routine)!  On top of the knee surgery he caught a nasty virus which was deemed 'highly contagious' by the doctor, so the boys and I had to steer clear of him for another week.  He finally just got back to work yesterday, and although not 100 percent, he's doing much better and thankfully back to his routine, which means I can get back to mine.

In addtion to that, it was time for E's annual kidney check up at CHEO... which includes an ultrasound and a visit with his neuphrologist. We did the ultrasound at the end of April (and E was EXCELLENT during the procedure) and the visit with neuphrology last week. I am happy to report that things are going well, the mutli-cycstic kidney continues to shrink, while his functioning kidney is doubling in size, and doing better than fine.  His blood pressure is still controlled, and he is a growing boy, doing very good.  It's exactly the report I expected to get, but it is also a relief at the same time to see that things are going as planned. Hopefully by the time he is five, we can reduce the annual appointment to every two years (fingers crossed).

This past week, my parents were down for a visit, as they had a wedding to attend in the area.  We had a good visit with them, and even though they just saw the boys in Florida, they have both changed quite a bit in the last month.  E is talking so much, full sentences, while Hudson is gaining weight, and a lot more vocal as well. 

We also are in the process of buying a new vehicle which has been a time consuming process.  Thankfully my parents were here to stay with the kids while PC and I ventured out to test drive a variety of vehicles, talk pricing, and narrowing down the options to make a final decision. Hopefully by early June we'll have a roomier vehicle to transport the family!

This weekend coming up is the long weekend, and we hope to hit the tulip festival if the weather cooperates. If not, we will just be sticking close to home and appreciating some healthy down time... which might include some time for blogging too!

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