Thursday, May 19, 2011

Gimme Five!

It seems like I just wrote H's 4 month post... and now here we are at his 5 month milestone.

I would say that in the last month I have noticed the biggest change in H - appearance wise. He is gaining weight a little more rapidly and is filling out his clothes a lot better.  He has even went up a diaper size from 1 to 2, so that is just a little more proof that he's growing!

Each day I hug him just a little tighter and cling to that petit little baby that I first held 5 short months ago... I love him to pieces, and I know his baby days are fading faster than I'd like to admit.  He really is a happy baby... smiles all around when you meet his needs, but I have to admit, the moment I bring out the camera, I get a lot of straight faces... to the point where E is coaching him with the words of encouragement 'say cheese Baby Huddy' or offering a few rounds of his fake laugh to see if he can get a reaction out of his baby bro. Every little bit helps... and slowly I am capturing a smile or two.

Of course, the 5 month mark signals a photo shoot... and although it was a dreary day, I managed to get a few shots of H and his innocence that I adore.  Thanks to Angela and Logan for the cute outfit that H is sporting in these pics!

Happy 5 months to my sweet baby boy.... nothing brings me more happiness than knowing I have another 7 months to devote to you!

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