Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sprouting into 4 Months!

This post is going up a few days late because I can't seem to get back into the day to day routine since we returned from a week in Florida.  I know ... poor me!

However, H did hit his 4 month milestone on the weekend, and what a milestone it was... as his bottom two teeth sprouted through the day before we left Florida.  Crazy!

I know everyone says 'it goes quicker with your second' and I would have to agree, but this teeth business is too quick.  H started rolling early, now the teeth early... I hope this isn't setting the stage for everything in his future including girlfriends, drinking, and moving away from home!

The last month has been pretty run of the mill around here. Our days have been very easy and that is much in part to H and his go with the flow attitude.  I posted a video on YouTube of him laughing, not just a giggle, a whole hearted belly laugh. It seriously brings me to tears when he gets going.  He laughs like his Daddy BIG TIME, and the person who can make him laugh like this the best is his Big Bro. H lights up at the sight of his brohter... and to date his Big Bro is still caring and loving when it comes 'his baby Huddy'. This really warms my heart to see E have such a genuine touch when it comes to others, especially family!

H has discovered his toes... he's showing off his flexibility by eating his toes every chance he gets, he continues to sleep through the night, and much of the morning if we let him.  H got our love for sleep that is for sure.  He weighs a whopping 12lbs, 1oz, and is on formula full-time now.  I am sure he'll be in 3-6 month clothing in no time.

Yes, 4 months has gone by in a blink of an eye, but I am so excited that I still have another 8 months of one on one time with him. He has been a dream baby to date and I can't wait to get out and about with him more now that spring has arrived.

Happy 4 month birthday Hudson, LOVE you baby boy!

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