Thursday, January 27, 2011

My love for social media!

I think back 5 years ago... I was not blogging, I was not on facebook, and I don't even think Twiter existed then (not to me anyways).  Now... I am doing all three of these things, and in some small way or another they are truly enhancing my life.

Blogging... while I do that for myself, I am always in aww of the number of visitors who come to my blog daily.  Many of you are family and friends, but I also can see (through the weblogs) that there are so many of you that I don't know personally.  Every now again I will receive comments from strangers - and I think this is the great part about blogging. Through blogging you can connect with strangers, and before long, you are not strangers anymore. I get so many ideas from blogging and reading other blogs. As a blogger, you feel part of a community, and you are eager to share advice and support with others in similar situations.  Its a great network!

Facebook... is its own beast.  Sometimes I wonder what the point of Facebook is, but then someone who I would otherwise not keep in touch with will post some pictures of themselves or their families, and I am brought back to moments in my life that I have almost forgotten.  I love that Facebook allows you to informally keep in touch with people from your past,  and also allows you to share small moments of your life with your friends. (I could write a whole seperate post on what I dislike about Facebook too, but I'll save that one for another day!). Facebook has become a news source too ... I don't know how many sentences I start with 'I saw on Facebook that so and so'... its sometimes a gossip column too... but that's half the fun I guess!

Twitter is where its at for me.  The thing I love most about Twitter is that around the clock (this coming from a breast-feeding Mommy) there are people online, tweeting the most random information, but a lot of which I find useful, and entertaining. I have been on Twitter for a while now, but only in the last little while I have fully come to appreciate tweeting.  Take for example this morning, I was feeding H while watching the tweets roll-in... one which came from @ACwebsaver announcing a promotion code for flights leaving only from YUL.  I just happen to be looking for flights to MCO and when I clicked on the link they provided, I was estatic to see that my flights were on for  $76. Yes... $76 instead anywhere between $218 to $459.  I booked them immediately, and an hour later, the promotion code was done. That is why I love Twitter!

All of social media is fun... and informative and entertaining. I haven't even touched all of the other forms, but I just try to imagine my life without these three outlets,  and I think I would be lost without them!

How do you use social media? Do you love it or hate it?

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