Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Overheard at the kitchen table!

The following is a conversation, that, in the best interest of a husband's sex life, should not occur...!

Out of nowhere....

PC: So... I know you got your hair done yesterday, but what exactly did they do?
Me: *silence* + *look of death*

PC: I mean I know its lighter, but it doesn't look like it use to look when you use to get it done.
Me: Thanks - I know.

PC: *back peddling* It looks good, it just looks different than usual.
Me: Umm-hmmmm.

So I'm married to 'Captain Obvious', lucky for me!

Seriously... PC does not think through some things before he opens his mouth (which is not anything new to me!). It's one thing if I bring up the subject ... 'does my hair look like good or does it look like I didn't really get much done?' But I am sure in the book '10,001 things a husband should not say or do EVER' ... this conversation has to be in there.

Oh men... will they ever learn?

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