Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wednesday Wrap-Up!

Nothing super fascinating to bitch blog about ... so thought I would go with a little Wednesday Wrap-Up to bring everyone up to speed on my fairly boring life!

  • We recently got GOOD NEWS here ... E's test results from the VCUG came back along with his blood work, and everything is CLEAR - as in, his good kidney is functioning A okay... and should be for a long time to come. I was so relieved to get this news, you have no idea how much this was weighing on my mind - especially at night. I wanted to believe that everything was good, but until you actually get the results you can't let your mind rest. E will still have to have his blood pressure monitored and in the fall we will be seeing a neuphrologist to look into the condition of his right kidney, but most likely the right kidney will be left alone as long as it isn't causing any problems in its current multicystic state. Can we all let out a big 'pheeeeeeeeeeeeew' for E - THANK YOU!
  • The ongoing saga of Jon and Kate plus 8 came to a head on Monday night's show... where the couple announced in separate interviews that they are divorcing. As much as I could see that coming, I am still saddened that it has come this. I absolutely love this family... watching them in the earlier seasons was a favourite past time of mine - now that they are struggling, I still want to watch because in my opinion, regardless of what happens with Jon and Kate as a couple, their children are still inspiring people.
  • I am so freaked out about this coming summer. I am so excited for July to get here, but I also know that once July hits, September will come faster than I expect ... which means I have to start preparing myself for going back to work, the transition from home to daycare for E, his first birthday - all things that will happen way to fast for my liking.
  • LCBO workers are still thinking about striking ... just when the nice weather is finally here! The news outlets are all saying its going to be a 'dry' summer for Ontario - but I will be darned if its going to be a dry one for me. I have waited much to long to indulge in some summertime sangria and slushy goodness - there is no way this new Mom is going without a drop after one looooooooooooong alcohol free summer last year! Screw that!
  • Father's Day has been here and gone. And I just wanted to officially say 'Happy First Father's Day' to PC. He truly is an amazing Dad to our baby boy - he lights up at the sight of his son, and seeing their bond as father and son is something I will never get sick of witnessing. As well... a happy belated Father's Day to my Dad... who I didn't have a chance to speak with on father's day, but who I love dearly... and am always thinking of him - even when it's not Dad's day!
  • I have been going to MomMeFit classes for a couple months now... and although the scale isn't really showing any crazy numbers for, I am just now realizing how much more endurance and strength I have from these classes. Every Wednesday and Friday morning, the instructors run us through the paces, while our babies sit on the sidelines and giggle. The classes are coming to an end for me next week (because I am away most of July), but I am really happy that I found these mom and baby fitness classes - thanks to MJ and Mel and MomMeFit for such a great experience.
  • HOLY HOT! It's been sooooo hot here the last couple of days, and I am LOVING it. This is the kind of weather I had hoped for when I figured out I would be on maternity leave with an 8 month old during the summer. I hope this weather continues well into September.
  • Belated birthday wishes going out to my Mother-in-law who celebrated her special day on Monday! We are getting together later this week for the official celebration, but wanted give her the bloggy shout-out since I didn't get a chance to see her on Monday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mom C!
  • This past weekend, PC and I headed to Belleville to attend a 130-O wedding, one my roommates from University got married and we had a nice little reunion (minus one member who we missed dearly - Miss Texas). It was the first time we left E for two nights, and surprisingly it went well for E and for us! His grandparents watched him for the weekend (thank you to them), and although I missed seeing his smiling face, it was nice to get away for the weekend and have little 'us' time.
Well... that's it for Wednesday! I wish I had something insightful to say to wrap this up, but I don't! It's hot and muggy, and E and I are both ready for a nap! I will say to the working crew 'Happy Hump Day'... the weekend is half way here!

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