Friday, January 30, 2009

Shampoo & Conditioner

I have been using shampoo and conditioner for a good 20 + years ... so this means for a good 20 + years, companies have been making the conditioner bottle the same size or smaller than the shampoo bottle.


I wish one, just ONE company would starting making the conditioner bottle larger than the shampoo. Everyone knows that if your a woman you use more conditioner than shampoo, and when the conditioner bottle is empty you still have another 10 shampoos or so left in the shampoo bottle.

For 20 years I can never seem to get it right, and trust me, I have tried to use a conservative amount of conditioner and a load of shampoo, but somehow, I always run out of conditioner long before the shampoo ever thinks of being finished.

I have tried all types of duos too... the cheapy stuff to middle of the road brands, and even the high-end break the bank types - it. does. not. matter. - I never have enough conditioner. Sometimes if I get a good sale on the middle of the roads brands, I will buy two conditioner to one shampoo... but of course we all know where this is going. Then I am left with excess conditioner and no shampoo.

Now I suppose it I had some brand loyalty then I could go out and get another shampoo to go with my half a bottle of left over conditioner, and then get more conditioner to go with my quarter of a bottle of shampoo, and then more shampoo to go with... well you can see how the cycle would go, but I don't like to use the same shampoo/conditioner duo over and over again. I have heard its not good for your hair, and I personally think shampoo and conditioner should be used like perfume - you need to switch it up every so often.

At our household... when the conditioner runs out, I just bail on the shampoo. I leave it on the counter for a few days, and sure enough PC comes along with his words of concern 'are you throwing this out' and a look of disgust when I nod yes. He often takes the left over shampoos for his hockey bag, because like most men, he only needs shampoo and isn't that picky on the brand when its for after hockey. So I guess... all is not lost!

However... this doesn't mean I still don't long for the day to purchase a 750ml bottle of shampoo with 1000ml bottle of conditioner, and at the end of a month, be left with two empty containers and a feeling of sweet satisfaction. Anyone else out there have the same troubles, or is it just me?