Friday, October 03, 2008

Overdue: Day 4

Well, I am not quite as miserable as I thought I would be on Day 4.

I think it may because I am making progress... two nights ago, PC and I ventured out for a walk and it brought on some contractions... not super painful or anything, but enough for me to know that something was happening.

I went to the doctor yesterday who tells me that I am primed and ready to go into labour anytime, but that its not up to him, its up to the baby when that happens. He went as far as to schedule me for an induction on October 8th (next Wednesday), if Baby Coleman decides to stay put until then.

Last night, I went to bed, only to be woke up every hour on the hour with a lot of cramping. 12:15 am, 1:15 am, 2:15 am... this went on until 6:15 am... but now that I am up and at 'em, the pains are less intense but still occurring. I like to think this is a good sign, the baby is definitely doing its part to get ready, and so I am going to do mine, by trying to rest up as much as I can until he/she is ready to greet the world.

I sort of have peace of mind right now, knowing that if nothing happens this weekend... something will at least happen by next Wednesday, which has put me in good spirits. PC has hockey all weekend, and my favourite labour and delivery nurse, SS9, is off for 4 days, so it would be nice now if the baby held off until next week, but of course we will gladly take any action that comes our way.

That's all for now.
Hopefully my next post can be about the arrival of Baby Coleman... stay tuned!

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