Monday, September 29, 2008

The big day officially arrives.... AND


Today is my actual due date.... check out the counter on the right sidebar - it says zero, which is an exact indication of what has happened today - zero, zip, ziltch activity in the labour department!

Baby Coleman is moving around inside of me like he/she wants to be there for another twenty years. But I have news for this baby.... SHAPE UP AND SHIP OUT! That's something you are suppose to say to your 30 year old son or daughter still living at home, not to a helpless unborn infant, but I can't help it! For nine months you wait and wait and wait and plan and plan and plan around this one date, and when nothing happens, you start to wonder what you have to do make this baby come out!

I pretty much knew this baby wouldn't come on time... because, well, I am never on time for anything - so I guess this is payback for the 28 years of my life I have spent arriving fashionably late for everything!

Hopefully these good labour vibes everyone is sending me will eventually pay off! PC has actually been really sick the last few days so its probably a blessing that I haven't gone into labour yet... but he seems to be feeling a bit better today - so hopefully that's a positive sign too!

Stay tuned... you haven't heard the last of my whining - I'm sure of it!